How To Deal With Fear Using The Law Of Attraction


Fear thoughts are the mental state in which everything seems to be viewed through blue glasses — in which everything seems to carry a sense of the futility of effort — the “I Can't” mentality, as opposed to the “I Can and I Will” mentality. It's the noxious weed in the mental garden that kills the valuable plants that grow there. The spider in the cup of the Wine of Life is the fly in the ointment.

According to our knowledge, Horace Fletcher, a well-known writer, was the first to use the term “Fear-Thought” — which has now become common usage — to replace the use of the word “Worry” in a certain context. He had stated that Anger and Worry were the two most significant impediments to a well-balanced, advanced, and progressive outlook, but many misunderstood him and believed that eliminating Worry meant abandoning all consideration of the future — a lack of common sense and forethought.

As a result, Fletcher coined the term “Fear-Thought” to describe a period of his concept of “Forethought without Worry,” and his second book on the subject was titled “Happiness, as contained in Forethought minus Fear-Thought,” a very happy expression of a very happy idea.

Fletcher was also the first to propose that Fear was not a thing in and of itself, but rather a manifestation of Fear-Thought, a state of mind. He and others who have written on the subject have taught that the only way to drive out Fear (or some other undesirable mental state) was to force the mind to dwell upon the opposite quality of mind.

The illustration has also been claimed that the best way to push darkness out of a room is to open the shutters and let the sunlight in, and this is also the best way to neutralize Fear-Thought.

The mental process has been aptly described as “vibrations,” a term that has full scientific support. Negative vibrations can then be countered by raising the vibration to a positive pitch. Fear-Thought can be neutralized by fostering the qualities recommended in the other lessons of this book. The fear-Thought toxin is insidious and subtle, but it steadily works its way into the bloodstream, paralyzing all useful efforts and action, until the heart and brain are compromised and find it difficult to shake it off. The majority of mistakes and “going down” in life are caused by fear-thought.

If a man maintains his nerve and trust in himself, he will get back up after each stumble and face the enemy with determination — but if he feels the impact of Fear-Thought to the point that he can’t shake it off, he will be unable to rise and will perish miserably. “There is nothing to fear but fear,” as the saying goes.

We’ve spoken about the Law of Attraction before, and how it works to attract what we want. However, there is a downside to this: it is a bad law that will not operate in both directions. Fear will trigger the Law of Attraction in the same way that Desire will. Fear would draw to him the thing pictured in his mind as the Thing Feared, just as Desire attracts to one the things he pictures in his mind as the Desired Thing. “It has come to pass that which I had feared.” And the explanation is clear, and the obvious inconsistency vanishes when we look into it.

What is the pattern that the Law of Attraction follows when Desire is present? Of course, there’s the mental image. In the case of Fear, the individual carries around the Mental Image, or haunting image of the Feared Thing, and the Law of Attraction attracts it to him in the same way that it attracts the Desired Thing. Have you ever considered that Fear is the polar opposite of Desire? In all cases, the same laws apply.

So stop Fear-Thought like the poisonous draught you know can cause your blood to turn black and thick and your breathing to become labored and difficult. It’s a filthy thing, and you shouldn’t be satisfied until you’ve expelled it from your mind.

You will get rid of it by combining desire, and willpower with the mental image of fearlessness. Increase it by fostering the polar opposite. Make a change in your polarity. Raise the frequency of your mind. If someone has said, “There is no Devil but Fear,” then send the Devil back to where he belongs, because if you treat him well, he will turn your heaven into hell in order to make himself at home. On him, use the emotional Big Stick.

Gratitude has the power to transform your life, but it also activates the law of attraction, causing you to attract more of what you are thankful for. When you are unhappy and depressed, the rule of attraction provides you with more reasons to be depressed. You manifest a greater number of circumstances that make you miserable. So, as the first rule of manifesting faster outcomes, begin to notice all of the things in your current life for which you are grateful, no matter how little.


Remember if you can control fear, then you will definitely succeed and overcome every situation.

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